Josh Irwin

Born into this world the son of a preacher man and the oldest of 10 kids, Irwin has had his fingers on the keys since before he could reach them. As history would have it, his dad would stack up telephone books on the piano bench to hear him ‘do a ditty’ and he’s been playing ever since.

At 17, Irwin first picked up a guitar and never turned back. He soon discovered his love for song writing and at 19 pioneered his first record. Heavily influenced by the sometimes great and unrivalingly romantic notions of The Beatniks, Irwin dropped out of college and left Texas with little more than the shirt on his back and guitar in his hand and enrolled at the School of Hard Knocks in Nashville, Tennessee. It was there he received the education he was looking for. He would spend 7 years in Tennessee.

Road worn and following his heart to be closer to his roots, he moved back to Fort Worth where he was hired to paint houses on the very air force base he was born on 30 years earlier. His most recent release is an e.p. entitled, “Hints of Remediation”. In 2012 he was nominated for Best R&B Soul Singer for Fort Worth Weekly and his song Cool-aid and Goldfish was chosen to be on the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards compilation album, Frequencies Vol.3.

Joshua is currently recording his 4th record, playing bars, churches, coffee shops, restaurants, house shows and just about anywhere that will support him in doing what he loves. You can find our more about him at