For the week of August 31, 2015

There isn’t a whole lot of news to share, but its important to figure out a new way to share it.

Basically, this email will share with you all the posts from the ‘Now Serving’ page on the website. Most weeks, if I time everything right, it will include pertinent information for the upcoming week at the top and a link to the past Sunday’s sermon at the bottom. However, there may be some other bits of information interspersed between those posts depending on what is going on that week.

The real hope with a new format is that it keeps all our news and information centralized in one location that isn’t Facebook (but still conveniently delivers it to your inbox).

Tuesdays @ The Brass Tap                                                              Performing this Week: 

The Brass Tap

Just like every Tuesday, we’ll meet at the Brass Tap for Bible Study. We begin to gather at 6:30 and the discussion usually starts just after 7PM. Join Us. The text this week is Mark 7: 24 – 37.              

Josh Irwin

Josh Irwin be with us this Sunday playing all of our favorite songs.

Lastly, check out the Support page at For now, it contains a link to our Square Cash portal that will allow you to make a one time donation to Kyrie Pub Church. Though, hopefully soon, we will have the ability to set up recurring donations, either weekly or monthly.

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