New Logo, New Website, New Life

So you’ve noticed some things are a little different?  


It was time for a change. Kyrie is over four years old now and our community has changed quite a bit in those four years. On the other hand, our website, and to a lesser extent, our logo, have changed very little. A makeover was long overdue.

And, so…  We have a new logo.  We have a new website.


These are important changes even if they seem slight. Kyrie doesn’t have a building, or a sign, or really any tangible presence in the physical world. This new logo and new website become our ‘front door.’ This is our first impression. And for too long, our first impression was out of date and not representative of our community. These updates not only better reflect who we are now, but leave us room to continue growing. For it is intended that these aesthetic changes will call to our attention all the ways in which we ourselves have changed and the new issues to be resolved as a result. Because in no way does this update insinuate that we have ‘made’ it. There is still work to be done for the sake of our community, for the sake of ourselves, and for the sake of the Gospel.  Faithful living doesn’t have a finish line.


Change is exciting though. So go ahead and enjoy what has been accomplished at Kyrie this year and as you peruse this new site, start dreaming up new possibilities for this next year.


These changes have been in the works for a few months now. Many of the regulars at Kyrie have offered input and suggested edits and retreated to the Denison Homestead to discuss the core of our identity. All of those individuals deserve many thanks. However, it is important to single out the one person who has been the most patient (because she put up with all the edits), professional (cause we paid her), and supportive (because she went above and beyond), person throughout this endeavor. We have an enormous amount of appreciation for Hilary Meurer and her small communications outfit, Muffinman Studios in Pittsburgh, PA. Muffinman’s client portfolio previously included churches and brewpubs so the studio was a natural choice for Kyrie Pub Church. Thank you, Hilary, for helping us out. You’re welcome to visit anytime.


With all that… please… Click the link below and check out our new digs. Also, if you haven’t already, sign up to receive some occasional emails that will keep you up to date with what is going on at Kyrie Pub Church. And finally, just know that this website is still a work in progress, so if you run into any broken links, or needed edits, or other issues. Make it known, send an email to


It’s an honor to struggle well with you.

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