Support Kyrie Pub Church Online and via Text Message

It has been a long time coming, but we finally have a new and better means of supporting the ministries done by Kyrie Pub Church. We’ve teamed up with Vision2Systems to offer a more versatile system for donating online and a new way to donate via text message.

Vision2Systems is the most flexible giving too we’ve found, and it came well recommended by peers. It is certified in all the necessary categories to ensure your security. When using V2S, you’ll never have to leave, which now has an SSL certificate backing it. V2S is more straightforward and user friendly than Square, and it is easier to become a new donor using this system. However, Square will still be available if you prefer to use it.


How to donate with V2S

You can now donate in two ways: online or via text message.

To give online, you can visit the support page on the Kyrie website, where you will find a “Give Now” button. That will take you to the “Add Gift” page, where you will be able to select a predetermined amount or create a custom amount. You can also choose to make a one-time gift or a recurring gift as often as you’d like, by clicking “Schedule this Gift.” Then, like any other online portal, you will supply your payment information. We accept any major credit card or debit card, or you can set it up with your bank account.

To give via text message, you can text the word “Give” to 817.369.3151, which is a number unique to Kyrie for this purpose. You will then receive a link to register your phone and set up a payment method. From then on, you’ll just need to text the word “Give” along with the desired amount to that same number each time you want to give a one-time payment to Kyrie.


Keeping track of your donations

This new system will keep track of all of your donations to Kyrie. To access this information, you can use the link found in the top right corner on our website. When you fill out the registration form, use the same email address you used when you donated. Then, anytime you log in, you can view and edit your information as well as view your payment history. This information includes online and text gifts and is always available and downloadable.


How we will use your donation

Kyrie Pub Church has been supported by Calvary Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), which has enabled us to grow as a worship community in the Fairmount neighborhood of Fort Worth. But in order to continue to grow as a ministry, we need the continued support of our regular attendees, in addition to the generous gifts from the three entities above. Your donations will be used to help ensure the continued employment of a pastor and pay for other programming needs we have. They will also help fund any new ministries that Kyrie Pub Church participates in.

Through the new system, you will have the ability to designate funds for a desired purpose. For now, we have two designations: a general “Support Kyrie Pub Church” fund and a “Care @ Chimera” fund. You can donate to the general fund online or via text message. “Care @ Chimera” is currently set up to receive gifts via text message only; although, we will most likely set up this fund online in the future.


Care @ Chimera

Chimera Brewing Company is generous not only to us but to those in need who live in the Fairmount neighborhood—allowing them to use restrooms, offering them water, and occasionally giving them free pizza at the expense of the bar or an individual bartender. We have decided to partner with Chimera to help defray these costs, so they can continue to help those in need. To donate to our Care @ Chimera fund, you can register your phone with the number listed above and text “Give #pizza” with your intended amount.


Lastly, we want to be clear in saying that this change is in no way a criticism of the support received by Kyrie Pub Church this year. This change is merely a necessary evolution in Kyrie’s existence. Kyrie’s regulars have been far more generous than was ever expected, and it has been exhibited with with little to no request or encouragement. Your support has been recognized and appreciated.

And we also thank you for your patience as we have researched and implemented this new system. It is a precursor of greater things to come.

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