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Pentecost +16 | Mark 8: 27 – 34

Pastor Ethan preaches on identity and what is revealed about ourselves in how we recognize Jesus.

Pentecost +15 | Mark 7: 24 – 30

Pastor Ethan preaches about a confrontational but communal faith and Kyrie’s guiding principles.

For the week of August 31, 2015

There isn’t a whole lot of news to share, but its important to figure out a new way to share it. Basically, this email will share […]

Pentecost +14 | Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23

New Logo, New Website, New Life

So you’ve noticed some things are a little different?     It was time for a change. Kyrie is over four years old now and our […]

Pentecost +13 | John 6: 56 – 69

Pastor Ethan preaches about difficult teachings, the shame we feel, and the spirit of life.

Pentecost +12 | John 6: 51 – 58

Pastor Ethan preaches on death – our desire for comfort in its midst and our capacity to cause it – and the bread of life.

Pentecost +11 | John 6: 35, 41-51

Pastor Ethan preaches about the bread come down from heaven, a living God, and trusting that the next thing is a good thing.

Pentecost +10 | John 6: 24 – 35

Pastor Ethan preaches about the bread of life, our perceived needs, and that which satisfies.

Pentecost +9 | John 6: 1 – 21

In his final sermon at Kyrie, Intern Drew preaches about our hunger, the day of miracles, and tomorrow.