Struggle Well



Nothing divides like a closed mind
Nothing opens hearts like truth
There are no truer words than an act of love
It’s been an honor to struggle with you

When our community sat down and attempted to describe the mission of Kyrie, we found ourselves constantly returning to these lyrics from the song “Struggle Well” by one of our regular musicians, Josh Irwin. Instead of creating a traditional mission, vision, and values statements, we decided to use these lyrics to frame our goals in four distinct aspects of our faith: theology, community, identity, and justice.

We want to struggle well in all of these to act with love.

It’s our honor.

We struggle well with Theology.
We struggle well to understand the Word of God and its relevance for our lives. We recognize that The Bible is complex and can be interpreted in different ways. However, we understand it to be a beautiful story of the relationship between God and humanity. In our struggle with the contradictions, confusions, and absurdity of the story, we seek guidance for our own journey.
We struggle well for Community.
We struggle well to build community in a world that sometimes feels devoid of it. We are constantly striving to become a group of individuals who communicate honestly with one another. We want to rejoice together, mourn together, and make each other’s struggles our own. In this communal struggle, we discover great significance for ourselves.
We struggle well for Identity.
We struggle well to understand who we are called to be as children of God and disciples of Christ. These distinctions should affect the ways we live, and we attempt to honor that in all we do. In this struggle, we mature into wholeness.
We struggle well for Justice.
We struggle well to seek justice in our personal and communal lives. By remembering our failings, we recognize that we have received more grace than we deserve. We want to show that grace to others as we attempt to make just, fair, and generous decisions in our everyday lives. In this struggle, we learn to be more courageous and honest with ourselves and with others.