Kyrie Eleison (Greek for “Lord have mercy”) is a very old, even pre-Christian, expression used consistently in Christian liturgies. It is a prayer, and as such, is simultaneously a petition and a prayer of thanksgiving; an acknowledgment of what God has done, what God is doing, and what God will continue to do.
  • 2011In the beginning...
    Kyrie is founded and begins services at Mambo's in downtown Fort Worth.
  • 2012Then we move To Zio Carlo
    After a year of worshiping at Mambo's, Kyrie moves to what was then known as Zio Carlo Magnolia Brewpub on Magnolia Ave. on the South Side of Fort Worth. Later that summer, Ethan Beiler comes to Fort Worth as an intern serving at Calvary Lutheran Church and becomes the primary preacher at Kyrie.
  • 2013And continued to grow
    A trio of preachers, Amy Gillespie, Kelsey Davis, and Leah Stanfield lead Kyrie as it continues to take root and grow.
  • 2014So we called a pastor
    Having garnered the support of the ELCA, Calvary Lutheran Church, and Trinity Lutheran Church, Kyrie is able to call Ethan Beiler as Pastor.
  • 2016Come join us.

    As Kyrie has grown, so has its bar: Zio Carlo renamed itself Chimera Brewing Company and Ethan is no longer our pastor. Now Kyrie regulars take turns bringing the message, along with Pastor Phil Heinze and Intern Pastor Kyle Symanski of Calvary and Pr. Kristen Klade, who serves as a chaplain at Cooks Children's.

    Kyrie continues to establish itself as a church for the wicked and the thirsty.